Frequently Asked Questions

What is your local delivery area?

Our free local delivery area includes parts of Camden County, Gloucester County, Burlington County, and Atlantic County. The free delivery area typically falls within a 25 minute drive from Sicklerville, New Jersey.

Please see our 'Delivery Area' page to determine if you are in our free local delivery area.

If you have any questions about delivery, please feel free to text or call us at 856-210-6287 or email us at

Is a deposit required?

Yes. Typically a $50 deposit is required to reserve rental equipment. We accept cash, credit card, or check for deposits. 

Will the tent fit in my yard?

Most of our tents are canopy tents. They require a clear, flat grassy area. Our tents need to be staked down about three feet outside of the perimeter of the tent.

The 20x20 tent requires a space of about 25x25 feet.

The 20x30 tent requires a space of about 25x35 feet.

The 20x40 tent requires a space of about 25x45 feet. 

The 20x20 frame tents can can go on grass or pavement. 

When are deliveries scheduled?

Because deliveries, set-ups, and pick-ups are dependent on the weather, we try to schedule them a couple days before the event date. Typically, if your event is on a Saturday, we will contact you on the Wednesday before the event to schedule the delivery.

Do I have to be home for a delivery and/or a pick-up?

No. As long you pay in advance and mark out where you want the tent/rental equipment, you do not need to be home for deliveries. 

As long as we have access to the rental equipment, you do not need to be home for the pick-up.

Are the rentals per day or per weekend?

Your rental is for the event date. Although you may have the rental equipment for several days, you will only be charged for one date.

Please note: We may need to come out early on the day after your event date to pick up the rental equipment.

Should I clean up my dog's droppings before the tent set-up? Should I buy disposable table clothes?

Yes and yes.

Round tables have 5 foot diameter (60 inches)

Banquet tables are 8 feet long (96 inches)

Do the tents, tables, and chairs look brand new?

No. The rental equipment is not in brand new condition. Everything will be clean and well-maintained, but the equipment has been used for many events.

Is Rain or Shine Party Rentals insured?

Yes. Rain or Shine Party Rentals is fully insured in the State of New Jersey. 

Policy # F006446634-001-00001 

Is Rain or Shine Party Rentals responsible for damage to sprinkler systems?

No. We put the tents where the customers tell us to put the tents. We try our best not to damage sprinkler systems, but since we cannot tell where your sprinkler system runs, we are not responsible for sprinkler system damage. We suggest that you mark out where the sprinkler system runs (including sprinkler heads).  This will decrease the chances of sprinkler system damage. 

Is Rain or Shine Party Rentals responsible for property damage caused by wind, rain, or storms?

No. The property owner assumes all responsibility for rental equipment on their property.  

Is Rain or Shine Party Rentals responsible for personal injury on your property?

No. The property owner assumes all responsibility for rental equipment on their property.  

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